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Blueprint for Development

Since Bainbridge Island FC (BIFC) was established in 1983, we have been helping young players develop in the game around Kitsap County. Much has changed over that time. BIFC has evolved from solely a recreational soccer program to a primary soccer provider for a number of young female and male players. This evolution moved forward with the inception of select soccer on the island in 2000. 

At the time this document was published approximately 1000 youth players look to BIFC for their primary soccer instruction, ranging from 1-3 training sessions a week, plus a game outlet.  That responsibility has forces BIFC to continually examine the quality of instruction and development approach that underlies the organization.  The Blueprint for Development is essentially a culmination of that self-examination over a number of years.

As this review is ongoing at the club level the Blueprint for Development will be an organic document that matures as the organization evolves.  We encourage you to read this blueprint to better understand the development approach taken at BIFC.

Contents of The BIFC Way


Is about achieving our goals, but doing it in the right way!

Phil Avison, Technical Director

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