Bainbridge Island FC

Soccer Around Bainbridge Island

There is a vibrant and long standing soccer community on Bainbridge Island. A pick up game of some sort can be found around the island almost every day of the week. Whether folks are picking up the game for the first time when they are 50 or played in college during their more mobile days there is something for everyone. Soccer provides a great way to meet fellow Islanders from all walks of life and develop new friendships.

There are games for kids, teenagers, adults and more seasoned players too! All are encouraged to come on out. Feel free to reach out to the organizers below or to BIFC if you would like more info. Come out and join the fun this week!


Sunday 10:00am Battle Point Chris Parrish Primarily for the kids. Adults are welcome to participate
Sunday Time BHS Turf Linda Yasutake Bozoball - $3, 18+ preferred, kids under need to sign waiver
Tuesday Time BHS Grass Linda Yasutake Bozoball
Thursday Time BHS Grass Linda Yasutake Bozoball
Saturday 2:00pm Battle Point Turf/Grass Pick up game, all ages. Just show up. If turf is in use, south grass field.