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Get a Heads Up: Returning to Play
Concussion & Safety
On whether heading the ball directly leads to concussions:
Chiampas: "What we're trying to say is that purposeful heading has not shown to this day scientifically to lead directly to concussions. Now, with that being said, we're following the research. As the research comes out we have the adaptability within U.S. Soccer to adjust as needed. The changes that we made are based on expert opinion at this point. What we do know is the majority of concussions that do occur are in areas of foul play and areas where players collide. Again, we're learning more and more; however, this decision and this direction was made on highlighting player safety in our sport, especially in our youth levels, and providing an opportunity where if there's a suspected head injury that player has an opportunity to be evaluated and assessed."
Dr. George Chiampas, U.S. Soccer Chief Medical Officer

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