Bainbridge Island FC

Board Members
  • John Thornton President

    (Recreational program, program issues/disputes, awards/recognition)

  • Ron Piland VP of Competition

  • JP Werlin Treasurer

    (Club finance)

  • Craig Heisinger VP of Select Program

    (Select program, program issues/disputes)

  • Justin Marshall VP of Recreational Soccer

  • Elizabeth Chambers Secretary

    (Meeting organization, minutes)

  • Liming McMillan Registrar

    (Player/coach/volunteer registration, member account, program fee, risk management, membership administration, registration issues, registration system, bookkeeping)

  • Bill Lesko Trustee

  • Peter Murchie Director of Fundraising
    (503) 421-5786 (cell)

  • Pam Conyers Director of Volunteers

  • Ian McCallum Director of Coaching
    (206) 229-5535 (cell)

  • Phil Avison Technical Director
    (206) 854-7881 (cell)

Please e-mail the whole Board about general issues or any individual member if you have a specific question that relates to their position.